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These books all offer (or offered) some form of treasure or prize for the first person to solve their master riddle. Claiming the prize could vary from travelling the country to dig up the treasure, to just a postal or telephone claim.

This is a small summary of some of the one's I have participated in, giving facts and personal experiences!

Masquerade By Kit Williams - The original, and still the best

The Merlin Mystery The lastest puzzle book.

(Untitled) Kit Williams' second book

The Last Fairy

The Piper Of Dreams

The Golden Key a long story relates to this one

Conundrum the Cadbury's Creme Egg Mysteries


Helium Dream

Search For The Lost Railway Engine nice variation


The Ultimate Alphabet


So You Think You Know All About Cheshire local hunt

A Treasure Hunt In The Lake District local hunt

A Timeless Moral - and other Armchair Treasure Hunt Club hunts

Treasure a book with lots of prizes

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