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Title: So You Think You Know All About Cheshire

Author: Debbie Thompson

Year: 19?

Prize: Silver Cat

To claim: Burried somewhere in Cheshire

Closing Date: ?

Type of book: A5 portrait black and white booklet

Description: Basically a tourist attractor, the book is a quiz book with over 250 questions about Cheshire, with answers provided, plus an additional puzzle leading to the location of the hidden silver cat.

Personal opinions: The puzzle consisted of text starting as a description of a walk in chesire (but it states it can be solved from your armchair). You've guessed I went on that walk (twice) just in case there were any clues. There weren't. The text then breaks down into just a string of letter - cryptography no doubt. That's fine, that's my scene. But I didn't get it, but then I heard someone had solved it and it gave a phone number in the solution. With this added piece of info I too solved it in a couple of minutes (that's the sort of clue you need for crytoanalysis). Roughly speaking it said "we hope you enjoyed the walk...but the cat is in my garden... phone..." and a number. The hunt had been a little misleading about the burrial of the cat, but I wasn't over upset as there was a solvable code used, and it said it could be solved from the armchair. The winner on the other hand was in for further disappointment... trying to claim the cat he was told "sorry it was stolen in a burglary" and was offered only about £200. Had the cat ever existed I ask myself?

Other information: See also the Lake District hunt

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