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Title: The Merlin Mystery

Author: Jonathan Gunson And Marten Coombe

Year: 1998

Prize: Melin's Wand plus accumulating prize fund

To claim: Postal entries

Closing Date: 31 Dec 2001

Type of book: A4 portrait colour picture and story book

Description: A story that roughly follows that of Merlin the magician from the legends of King Arthur, with good full page and double page paintings, which include a multitude of objects and symbols. The text has also been translated to several other languages (eg German, Spanish) where the book is also available.

"Long ago in the mist of time, when dark sorcerers tried to destroy our world, only the power of three great wizards, Merlin, Blaise and Kells, could stop them. They gathered at Stonehenge to forge a great Wand to preserve the earth from evil, and the wizard Merlin instilled the Wand with powerful magic, called the Pendragon Alchemy.
However, the dark sorcerers sent a spy to steal the wand. Her name was Nimue, and, for all his wisdom, Merlin fell in love with her. He taught her the ways of magic, but never the spell to release the Pendragon Alchemy. Frustrated, the dark sorcerers came for the wand themselves and a terrible battle ensued, at the height of which the Pendragon Alchemy was released.
The Wand disappeared.
Lost for millennia, it has waited for one truly wise person to discover the spell that will set it free ... "

"Everything you need to solve the Puzzle and reach the Prize is contained within one book - The Merlin Mystery, compiled by Jonathan Gunson and Marten Coombe. The secret lies only within the book. Seek out your local bookshop, and take the first step into a world of magic and mystery."

Personal opinions: A book with a lot of details and ideas to keep anyone busy for months.

Other information:

Here's the author, Jonathan Gunson with artwork for the cover of The Merlin Mystery

The Official Web Site: http://www.merlinmystery.com which also has an excellent bulletin board for those taking part to bounce ideas off each other

My Merlin Mystery pages - some of my "outside" info and UK meets etc

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