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Title: Microcosm

Author: Hal Gashtan, Illustrated by N Mynheer

Year: 1984 UK & USA

Prize: Prize: £1000 and a trip across the Atlantic by Concorde

To claim: By phone

Closing Date: ?

Type of book: A4 portrait colour picture and story book

Description: A Transatlantic Computer Puzzle Challenge. Large picture book, following the Masquerade style, with each text page containing verses only, and each picture containing what appear to be cryptography keys (strings of letters). At the back of the book is a computer program that is supposed to help you solve it. The solution should give you a name and a phone number to ring to claim the prize.

Personal opinions: Great if you love computers and cryptography (which I do), but I still didn't solve it.

Other information: I think this was solved, but I haven't had it confirmed, or what the solution actually was

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