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The Book says that "All you need to solve The Merlin Mystery is in the book", but I find "outside" info interesting. These pages contain "outside" ideas relating to "The Merlin Mystery". They should be taken as just that - ideas - and, however hard I've tried to verify them, contain no guarantee to their accuracy. If you think something's wrong though, please let me know.


CD of Music by ALKÆMY

Clocks and other things identified in Real Life

"A Guide To The Merlin Mystery" leaflet

Daily Mail Magazine Mini Mysteries

Advertising Postcards

Advertising Displays

Different country/language editions

Dutch Merlin Mystery leaftlet

Dutch magazine article

Other pieces of useful information and MM related stuff:

Frodo's BB Archive

Sorted lists of posts on the official BB up to 12/03/99

The Merlin Mystery itself book details

UK questors' meets

Non-UK questors' meets

Questors' photographs

Other Merlin Mystery stuff

Links to other Questors' sites

Radio 4 Puzzling Passion extract (in mp3 format) - e-mail me if you'd like a copy of this

MM Pendragon Alchemy competition winner

Other stuff:

Happy Christmas from 3L and Sol

Happy New Millennium from 3L and Sol

December 2000 MM Advent Calendar

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