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"A Guide To The Merlin Mystery" leaflet
(thanks to smeagle for lending me this to scan)

"A Guide To The Merlin Mystery" is an advertising leaflet that was put about in the UK before the release of The Merlin Mystery to encourage potential buyers. This is the front page of the leaflet, which folds out to three times this page size. The front cover contains a very similar design to the front cover of the book, without the side borders. The wording chnages are "A Guide To" instead of "The Secret Lies Inside" at the top, and "by Jonathan Gunson & Marten Coombe" removed from the bottom. In fact the authors' names are not mentioned anywhere on the leaflet! Bet JG & MC were pleased about that!

The back of the leaflet has details about the prize and how to enter:


* An accumulating cash prize. For every book sold anywhere in the world, 20p will be added to the prize fund of £100,000

* Merlin's Wand. An artefact fashioned from gold, silver, bronze, lapis lazuli and crystal, by master craftsmen from 3 continents.


The answer to The Merlin Mystery is the Alchemist's Spell, and the method of casting it. Draw these two elements of the Spell, separately, on a piece of paper and place your answer, along with your name, address and telephone number, in a sealed envelope. In the top left-hand corner of the envelope draw the final word of the Spell as a picture. Then send your entry by post/mail to: [same address as in book]

See the Rules page in the book for more details.

Comments: This is all very similar to the blurb and rules in the book, except the starting prize fund is stated as £100,000. The UK book does not actually state the staring prize fund, but points you to the official web site for the latest prize updates. So how come that site still says only £75,000 (15/03/99)?

The third panel contains a close-up from the Library illustration. Differences from the actual book illustration are:

The is no witches (Nimue) hat by the spine of the Omega book.
There is no crescent moon on the broom head.
There is no "goldie" symbol by the side of the window frame.

(click image for large scan)
The inner three-fold spread contains information about the mystery, bordered by what at first sight looks like the border from the double page spread p2/3 in the book.


The most intricate puzzle book ever created, containing over 1,000 clues. A puzzle created in WORDS and PICTURES woven into a spellbinding story.


No need to dig up the countryside...

The puzzle requires a mixture of intuition, logic and tenacity.

The solution to the puzzle is based on SYMBOLS rather than language, so everyone can join in.

If you want to discuss the puzzle or see what others have found you can explore the Merlin Mystery Website: www.merlinmystery.com



In the mist of time, dark sorcerers tried to destroy our world. Only the power of three great wizards, Merlin, Blaise and Kells, could stop them. They gathered at Stonehenge to forge a great Wand to preserve the earth.

To symbolize the Earth, a fabulous crystal ball. Around the crystal, a flaming corona of solid gold and silver, a magical wall of flame to protect the earth. The crystal ball is set upon a great branch - forged of solid silver - representing the Tree of Life itself; gnarled oak growing within the circle at Stonehenge. Around the Wand runic symbols of solid gold, and a powerful touchstone of precious lapis and lazuli.

The Wand has been lost for centuries; but now it has been found! It lies in a safe and secret place, to be freed only by the person who can break the code.


Comments: The text contains a few inaccuarcies, such as Kells instead of Kell. Also note that "runic symbols" doesn't mean Runes. The border has a few minor differences from the similar one in the book: The open book, shadowed by the Sceptre with Cross, does not have the clock face on it. The Grimoire book has a continuing line through the SofS symbol, has no moon crescent on the spine, and no Saturn symbol in the middle of the spine. There is no silver SofS towards the top left inside the border, but there are 7 of the 8-pointed stars. The Sun and Crystal Ball illustration in the centre of the spread is unique to this leaflet.

Please note, the above is provided for research purposes only, and should not be re-published without the copyright owner's permission.

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