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 Easter 1999
Tintagel Castle - Cornwall

Unfortunately I (solstice) was unable to attend this magical gathering of UK questors, so I hand over commentary to Aurora, who sends the following report of Easter at Tintagel 1999:

So who turned up on the Friday night to take a little refreshment?

THREEL (glass in hand)

DULABAI (child in hand)

AURORA (scotch in hand)

"Also Rans" included (those who wouldn’t let themselves be "snapped"):

Leatherman (Aurora’s long suffering husband) who at times of heated discussion brought in a small voice of reason "do you want another drink dear?".
Wanda Mercury : was forced to buy her copy of the book and therefore is probably the only one of the team who can claim to have an original "Tintagel Copy"
Mrs Dulabai : who took great delight in telling everyone that she’s loves saying "haven’t you finished that puzzle yet?" at every opportunity.

Our big thanks to Steve Stephens at the King Arthurs Arms seen here:

who told us that Good Friday was a Sunday but if we ate in the dining room it could be a Saturday AND IT WAS!
King Arthurs Arms

Fore Street Tintagel Cornwall PL34 ODA

Telephone: 01840 770831 Fax: 01840 770977

E-Mail: 1KAA@AOL.com

That Morning After Feeling – Saturday at the Castle:
Yes we walked down the path between the cliffs – only to walk up all these steps to the castle; then we turned the corner and….

But then we got to the top and were joined by CIDERWOMAN :

So we opened the cake tin that THREEL had kindly carried up all those steps:


But she would let us eat it until we had all gone back down to have a cup of tea at the café at the bottom of the hill.

We struggled down the cliff to the bay (the steps had been washed away) and went into the cave…..

Yep – it’s a cave alright!

It’s dark, it smells of seawater, it’s damp and it’s VERY windy. Oh yes and you can walk right through it to the sea on the other side.

As you can tell by this very bad picture it does go the whole way through the cliff, sorry it is so dark but it does give the place that hint of atmosphere doesn’t it?

Then we posed in the mouth of the cave while Leatherman took this very cheerful snap of the Fab Four:



Thanks Aurora for the above report, and thanks to Aurora, Ciderwoman, Threel and Dulabai for having their photo's taken, knowing full well that I'd publish them here! I would also thank Threel for that lovely cake, but she didn't bring me back a piece, so I won't

I also heard a rumour that Threel won second prize for the worst hat competiton, so who won first prize?

Now... have you found the secret cove, hidden in this page?

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