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Preparations for:
UK Puzzlers SUMMER Meet

 July 1999 Avebury, Wiltshire, England.

About Avebury - by Solstice

About the meet - 1st and 2nd by Threel

How to find Avebury - by Aurora

Contact e-mail addresses

Avebury - July '99 - The final countdown (link to thread on MM BB)

About Avebury:

Avebury is a village in Wiltshire, England, which lies partly within a massive Neolithic henge monument - a ditch and stone circle, much larger in radius than Stonehenge. The ditch is nearly 400 metres in diameter, and inside the ditch is a ring of large sarsen stones. Inside the main ring are two smaller stone circles. To the south-east of the henge runs a 400 metre avenue of standing stones. The ring is thought to have been created in the 3rd Century BC. Some of the stones were taken down in 17th Century to be re-used for building the "modern" village - some people had no sense of history!

Why meet at Avebury? Well, in MM Blaise cast a great binding spell, and the sorcerers were instantly bound into a giant ring of stones - they can still be seen at Avebury in England. Also, near by Marlborough claims, according to Arthurian legend, to be the burial place of Merlin.

Here's the first message from Threel:

OK, you lot. If you missed Tintagel for any reason this is your next chance. The Fab Four at Tintagel discussed the next UK meet and decided this : if the puzzle is solved before July, then we will still go to Avebury. However that would be our final meet. (but who knows?) So, we're going no matter what. Now you've seen our photos you'll have realised that we're all fun-loving people and not weirdos. (well done, Aurora for hiring us those normal outfits - golly it's so nice to get our New Age clothes back on isn't it? LOL)

So, will I finally get to the point?

Avebury - proposed weekend is July 9th-11th.

Let us know, especially our friends from Belgium, Holland, New Zealand (?) if you need extra accomodation outside these dates and Aurora and I are willing to put people up. Book that quickly though as Aurora only has capacity for about 400.

So - sounds fun ??????? E-mail me soon, so at least we'll know who is fairly keen.

Here's the second message from Threel:

Three weeks to go!!! This is for anyone else out there who hasn't been tempted so far by the weekend of a lifetime - these are the final arrangements.

OK folks - here are the final arrangements.

Thursday 8th July - those who wish to make an even earlier start to the festivities may join us at Aurora's house for drinks and a Chinese takeaway. You must bring a sleeping bag and alcohol. Please mail Aurora (see below) to make sure she knows you are coming. She will pick you up from the station if necessary.

Friday 9th July - Marlborough The Thursday night group will be let loose on Marlborough in the daytime on Friday so let us know if you want to meet up in the day. Otherwise meet at 'The Sun' pub, Marlborough High Street (next to the church) at 7pm. We will drink and go out to eat (probably Indian) Back to 'The Sun' for drinks later.

Saturday 10th July - Avebury Meet at 12-3 in the field opposite the only pub in Avebury. (See the highlighted area on this picture). Bring your own picnic food. How will you recognise us?? 3L's and Aurora's photos ore on Sol's and Dulabai's site. Just wander aimlessly about clutching your MM book under one arm and we will find you!!! We will meet at the Sun pub once more at 7pm for drinks and you lot can organise 3L somewhere to eat as she has worked her little socks off to get this event off the ground and will need a rest by then.

Sunday 11th July - optional trip to Stonehenge Transport will be provided for you - let us know in advance if you want to come.

A personalised MM momento has been prepared for the following people who have replied that they will definitely be coming:- 3L, Sol, (3L and Sol together for 4 days - the mind boggles! - getting nervous Sol?) Aurora, Leatherman, Wanda, Honor, Guinevere, Caradoc, Apprentice, Ciderwoman, Moon, Steven, Dulabai, Polgara, Slick, Elnove. If you now know that you WILL be coming let Aurora know immediately so she can prepare one for you.


E-mail Threel regarding the above details

Where's Avebury some may ask, well, here's some helpful directions from Aurora:

Heathrow Airport to Avebury SN8.1 - 75.4 miles 1:26 hours

Time Distance Route
0:00 0.0m From Heathrow Airport
0:03 1.4m At West Drayton 4 join the M4
1:03 63.4m At Swindon-East 15 leave the M4 for the A346
1:04 64.3m At Chiseldon SN4.0 leave the A346
1:11 67.4m At Wroughton SN4.9 join the A4361
1:26 75.4m At Avebury SN8.1

If you are travelling from Europe, via Dover, then the following may be useful for you:

A useful web site for those of you travelling by car is http://www.rac.co.uk This is the RAC's website and if you select "digital Services from the main screen you'll see an option for Route Planning. These route plans also include known traffic problems (jams etc.) and if you know roughly what time you will be travelling on a certain day they will e-mail you at a specified date/time with an updated version of your route!

Travelling by Rail?

The trains from London run from PADDINGTON station and are VERY regular - train journeys take about 50 minutes. Most are straight through with no changes but some do require a change at Reading.

If you want "timetables" e-mail Aurora, otherwise follow this link to RAILTRACK's timetable website at http://www.railtrack.co.uk/home.html where you can then just put in the start and finish destinations/date & time of travelling etc. Not a bad little site really!

E-mail Aurora regarding the above details

Here's a map that may help you see where's Avebury is relative to the towns on Marlborough, Devizes and Swindon:

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E-mail Threel

E-mail Aurora

E-mail Solstice

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