>?> Merlin Mystery at Glastonbury <?< 

 September 1999 Glastonbury, England.

A small number of UK questors accumulated for a weekend in Glastonbury. Present were:

Threel (as always at these events)
solstice (wherever Threel goes he goes)
Ciderwoman (anywhere where there's the chance of a drink)
Sema (wherever Ciderwoman goes she goes)
Wandamercury (well any excuse to join a party)

The gang met at the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey

Glastonbury is believed to be the site of Avalon, the final resting place of King Arthur (grave shown here) and Queen Guinevere

Later Threel, solstice and Ciderwoman climbed Glastonbury Tor

The following photos were taken and supplied by WandaMercury - a big thank you Wanda!

Here's the Abbey ruins. If you look carefully you may well see two Wanda-ettes!

Merlin posted on the BB before we went:

Hush, listen carefully ... can you hear the rising sound of monks in plain song as they approach amidst the tall columns?

Listen further ... for when ye stand by Arthur's grave at ancient Glastonbury amidst the greatest of those ancient sacred ruins, I shall dare whisper a secret to ye, for 'tis one of the most enchanted places in the magic realm.

Sit ye there on a wooden seat by the peaceful grass sward, and wonder at times past. Far above, the Tor shall watch ye ... and smile for joy.

Thence growing peckish, ye could make way to the fine Tea Shoppe opposite, enjoy a repast sitting in the window on the street where the world shall circle by ye... then to see the crystals and smell incense in the ancient new age shoppe nearly next door... mayhap listen to the haunting music therein.

I can see that day will all be wonderful and richly magical for ye!

I shall think of ye and cast a smile of magic for a fine time at great Glastonbury.

May the Pendragon Alchemy be with ye. Merlin

So here we are (well Cider, 3L and Sol) on the wooden seat, listening for ye Merlin!

And how better to finish off, than with a photo of my favourite part of The Merlin Mystery... 3L

Thanks, as ever, to that wonderful THREEL woman for being the driving force behind the event!

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