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UK Puzzlers NOVEMBER Meet

 November 27th 1999 London, England.

On the 27th November 1999 a gang of foolhardy MM questors met up in a rather chilly London...

The initial meet on Tower bridge consisted of Apprentice (All the way from London), Dummy (all the way from Paris), WandaMercury, and of course 3L and solstice. From here the first port of call was the Tower of London, where 3L, using some of her many powers of persuasion, got to pose with a real-life Beefeater

Next, a short brisk walk (keep up at the back Dummy, Wanda & 3L) up to the Bank of England, where waiting for us were Ciderwoman and Sema. Within minutes eikM also arrived - all the way from America, on his way to Australia. Here are the gang outside the doors to the Bank of England (photo by the missing 3L)

and the gang just over the road (Threadneedle Street) under a clock on the Royal Exchange building (photo by the missing sol)

From here we took the tube to Bond Street station, then walking along Oxford Street, you can't miss the clock above the door to Selfridges...

Another walk took us into Kensington Gardens, and on to the Peter Pan statue. Here we were joined by Aurora and Polgara. Also here 3L just had to do her "I'm in the book" bit again, posing as Peter Pan (Sol would have preferred her to pose as Wendy of course!) As usual other visitors to the area must have thought we were a bunch of wierdos - but we know better... don't we?

Jacobinus phoned us to say he would be a little late joining us, but recommended a pub (what a good idea) where we could meet up an hour later. So off we went to the pub, and Jac indeed joined us. We then moved to another pub (well there was a genuine reason - the first one didn't serve food that day).

At this pub we enjoyed a drink or two and some good food. Here the gang consists of (Clockwise from the front left) 3L (you've seen her face before I'm sure), sol (him too!), Wanda (hiding behind sol), Polgara, Apprentice, Ciderwoman, Dummy, Sema, Aurora, eikM and Jacobinus.

We then took a vote on how to spend the rest of the day - either
1. Stay in the pub (and discuss MM)
2. Go out into the cold and complete the tour of London
3. A shortened tour of some sites
A unanimous vote for option 1 was given - so we did... and much discussion went on.
Another questor then joined us - Smeagle - and the discussions continued. There were many lines of discussion, some highlights included:
eikM's associative approach versus sol's logical approach - this was a surprisingly cordial discussion. Sol learnt that eikM actually uses a very logical approach to find his associative solution (sol still doesn't believe it though )
sol and smeagle and eikM proved that you could deduce all that you need to know about "Roman Numerals" as far as the 1 to 75 tiles are concerned. 3L introduced another theory that L=30 could be deduced instead
different language versions were discussed, and the whole things about "everything you need is in the book"
3L did take down some minutes of some conversations, but it was suggested that some of the minutes from previous meets failed to show the serious nature of these discussions, and may well put other serious questors off from coming on future meets - well that's your loss! Unfortunately we can't actually read all of the minutes this time so you are spared!

Here smeagle & sol can be seen discussing Roman Numerals without OI, while 3L gets on with the other business in hand (well in her hand!)

Later Apprentice took us down to China Town, where we had a great meal to end a great day.

All in all a jolly good time was had by all - thanks to 3L who organised the event (and organised sol too)

Just for interest, the follwoing day as Sol, 3L and Wanda were walking to the train station, we passed a building with an amazing clock... this is the one that should have been in MM but isn't...

To all those that came - thanks, and to those that didn't - why didn't you - you missed out on a great day. Perhaps you'd like to join us at the next UK meet? Watch out for announcements from 3L regarding Easter 2000 in the Forest Perilous.

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