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February 2000

Eindhoven - The Dutch/Belgian Experience...

Here is the picture made in the bar 'de vooruitgang'. From left to right you see: 3x7, Gannian, Schaduw, Ariana, Eric, Ke and Coy_seeker.
(We've missed sol and 3l...)

Schaduw supplied the photo and sets the scene:

Saturday Coy and I traveled to the 'far' south to that vooruitgang-bar in the city of Eindhoven. At 14.00 hrs Eric, Gannian and 3x7 were already waiting. Very soon Ke entered the place and...to our suprise...Ariana. After a fruitless waiting for more belgians and 1 dutch seeker these 7 people claimed a big table (and a waitress ) to start some hours of serious MM-talk. Soon Coy and 3x7 moved to the edge of the table discussing Coys solution. Haven't heard from them until we left the bar . Gannian and Schaduw first heard Ariana about her approach and then started a discussion about the structure of the puzzle. Ariana continued with Eric and Ke. Ke's artistic findings and some experiences on BB's and chatrooms have been exchanged. Also diferent treasurequests were mentioned. Schaduw made a picture of the crowd and again a waitress was claimed to make a picture of crowd + Schaduw. It was then that Ariana had to go and Ke discovered that soon the parkinggarage would close . Since she had no intention to sleep that night in Eindhoven she moved her car just in time to another parking place. The 6 remaining seekers went to a greec restaurant to stay alive. Here the menu card was studied heavily and the border around it too . At 19.30 hr some seekers had to run for the waiting trains and that was the end of the 3rd Dutch (+Belgian) meeting.


Text taken from this thread... http://www.schatzsuche.com/ubb/Forum9/HTML/000107.html

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