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Title: Search For The Lost Railway Engine

Author: Steve & Pauline Bane

Year: 1989

Prize: Silver model railway engine

To claim: By post

Closing Date: 18 June 1992

Type of book: A4 portrait black and white with small colour pictures and story book

Description: Another picture book, but mostly pencil drawing, with some coloured small illustrations. Solution involved finding the name of the place the engine was lost, the key which leads to this location, and the name of the boy who lost it. These three answers, together with an item also discovered from the book had to sent as an entry, and as many entries as you like could be sent.

Personal opinions: I like this one, lots of different themes through the book to get stuck into, and fun sending in entries, most if not all of which were replied to (yes all the one's I got said "wrong, try again"). After the closing date, the story did re-appear on the internet, but there was no prize available, it was now just for fun.

Other information: Find the full solution available now on Pauline Bane's own web site http://freespace.virgin.net/pauline.bane/

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