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Title: Treasure

Author: Dan James

Year: 1994

Prize: 40 hidden (not burried) golden tokens to claim real gold coins, 5 original artwork, plus 1 ultimate prize (£250000 before 29/9/95 or £150000 before 29/9/96 or £50000 after 29/9/96)

To claim: 40 tokens must be found, other prizes claimed by phone

Closing Date: ?

Type of book: A4 portrait colour picture and story book

Description: Large story book with more text than illustration, based on Middle England, sponsored by Ordnance Survey and East Midlands Tourist Board. The idea was tourism again. 40 locations had these gold coins to find. Then if you're first to solve (but may not be first to get) all coins in one of the five counties then you can claim one of the original pieces of artwork from the book. Finally if you solve all 40 coins you can claim the ultimate prize money, which decreases with elapsed time. Each solution was a location, a number and a letter. You needed all 3 to claim. One of the better publicised hunts, but aimed at Middle England.

Personal opinions: On purchasing the book, you had to send off a registration form so that you were allowed to enter (via phone claims etc). Then you would claim over the phone after you've gone and found the coin. Only a couple of days into it I though I'd solved a couple, so come Saturday morning off at 5am to Derbyshire, and sure of a location but no sign of the coin. Next location, not sure and no coin. Third location, what's this a joke...? All I found were 4 pennies where I thought the gold coin should be. So I thought I'd phone up and see if these coins had already been claimed - they wouldn't tell me unless I attempted to claim them myself, so I had to give them the solution before they would say it had already been claimed. The text that lead to the solutions that I had was more associations than an exact method, but I suppose if you've got 40 puzzles to do they can't all be perfect?

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