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Title: The Ultimate Alphabet

Author: Mike Wilks

Year: 1986

Prize: £10000

To claim: By Post

Closing Date: 1988

Type of book: A4 landscape colour picture and story book

Description: Large detailed paintings, one for each letter of the alphabet, and a workbook containing a list of 12000 objects. Your task: to tick those object you see in the painting, and post the book off (closing date was 1988). The puzzler who correctly identified the objects, or has nearest score, won the prize. A solution book was published later for those wishing to check all 7777 words are really in the paintings! The text for each letter consisted of a small rhyme.

Personal opinions: Soon gave up on this one, some words appeared several time in the workbook, so not only did you have to spy one BOLT, say, you then had to look if there were up to 3 more! Very good paintings though.

Other information: A second volume, I think it was Ultimate Animals(?), came later, following the same theme.

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